War Spirit

The player is a prince. His father was killed by the Council of Ministers, led by the King’s brother.

When the king died, his brother took his place and married the prince’s bride.Kingdom was divided between ministers conspirators. The prince gradually starts to win lands from the ministers, and then he captures the lands of his uncle, recreating his father’s kingdom. In parallel, the player will seek to release his former bride from a violent marriage with his uncle. Then it turns out that she fell in love with her uncle. By the end it turns out that the bride was originally with the conspirators and it was she who poisoned the king.


2. Key features

– Easy to manage the fight.

– Epic battle.

– Small size of the game.

– Orientation for Asia and Europe.

– Depth of content.

3. Almost the whole second paragraph is what we differ from others. There are some games that have 1 or 2 of our items (different). But there is no one to have all 5 ones, therefore this is our difference. Particularly important are the scale of the battle, the size of the game and the greater depth of the PvE content.


4. A clear plan for updates will be made after the launch – when we see which parts of the game need to be strengthened. There is something that will definitely be added –

The number of PvE content will be increased. Cities to capture, islands, quests. Also, we will add the system of shares as one of the updates.

The remaining items will be selected based on the parameters of the players

Perhaps PvP mechanics (battles with players) will be added. Robberies of other players, domination, humiliation.

Perhaps there will be added combat events for users. Battles against bosses or battles against insurgents.

Cooperative fighting may be added. Here the player unites with other players and fights PvE. Whether it’ will be the clan members or just the players depends on whether we need to strengthen the role of the clan or not.

Perhaps mercenaries will be added (temporary strong donate squads). This is bad for balance, but it may be necessary to do to increase donate.

The Clan Tournament may be added. Battles of all server clans, to identify the strongest. While the probability of this item is the least, but if the players will consider  clans he most important, then maybe such an item will be implemented.

There are still a number of mechanics, which we are currently thinking about, but decisions must be made based on the goal of increasing one of the game parameters (increasing the retention of a certain day, increasing the number of paying or average checks, etc.)


5. We have a currency in the game, which is mostly bought for donate. It is necessary for the acceleration of construction, gaining the advantages of science and so on. The player will be able to buy it, as well as the other two soft currencies. The price is from 1 $ to 100 $.

Also in the game there will be packages for purchase. There will be:

– Orders (for active actions in battle)

– Soft currency 1 and soft currency 2

– Hard currency (donated)

– Squads of units among those that are available to the user