Curse of the Pharaoh

Get your friends on and unite for one the most exciting journeys you’ve ever had. Discover the secret of this kingdom, share thoughts and conquer egypt with Cleopatra!

Hidden History
We’re taking a step into the history of the ancient Egypt pharaoh. This old legend reigns over his kingdom, from the oasis to the pyramids. He has one beautiful daughter, called Cleopatra. She is very helpful and will help you to complete the quest and find every treasure in wonderland. This surrounding is full of secret surprises and hidden obstacles, you never know what kind of challenge you need to conquer. Enter the campaigns and show your skills, become legend! You only need to swipe the signs, match three or more and make it rain gold and points!

Curse breaking strategy
Do you love finding a secret jewel treasure as much as Cleopatra? Enter this wonderland with match three puzzles to find them here. Different challenges will block your way through ancient egypt. Each separate one is definitely able to overcome. Train your skills well and succeed. Continue the wonderland quest and become the next legend of this kingdom.

Normally, it’s very dry here. Sand and more sand. But that can be over now, you can make it rain! You can overcome any secret and break the curse of the pharaoh. Use your best match three tactic, that could be enough to overcome these puzzles. Get the jewel for Cleopatra, get any treasure and leave this wonderland after you became rich!

Features of the legend:
Continue the quest for richdom, make it rain gold! But what are the main features of this kingdom?
★ Different secret campaigns
★ Hundreds match three levels
★ Special powers to break to curse
★ Limited lives vs. VIP account
★ Facebook and Google integration to compete with friends

You can discover multiple campaigns, all with their own challenges. Get the treasure down, set a beautiful jewel free and other puzzles. Many levels are divided over the campaigns in this ancient Egypt wonderland. Unlock them all and conquer, maybe with the help of Cleopatra or some special powers. If you need additional ones, you can buy gold coins and purchase extra powers. You have a limited amount of lives to use, so use them careful. If you want to continue the quest you can become VIP and get unlimited lives and more. This can be needed when you are so close beating your friend! See them in the highscores with Facebook and Google. Make it rain points, beat their score and become the legend of your group.

The enemy of the pharaoh is waiting for someone to break it, it has been so long. Maybe you can do it. You think you can’t do it on your own? Invite your friends and talk about strategies. Make sure that you can win this. Also join the others in their adventure!


Hope you enjoy the game!
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