Star Farm

It’s a magical place. Plant and grow crops with friends as you build the greatest farm around!


Star Farm—IT’S 100% FREE-RANGE FUN!


Star Farm is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for you to purchase with real-world money, however doing so is optional and not required for a GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE. You can avoid using real-world money by disabling in-app purchases through your device’s settings. Note that under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Star Farm.


Star Farm is a farming utopia. You’ll meet quirky characters—on two legs and four—as you:


* Grow and customize your farm
* Trade crops and farm-fresh goods with neighbors and friends
* Fulfill orders by truck, boat seaplane and farm stand
* Build your own town and welcome visitors
* Experience the endless possibilities of living off the land


Smooth and simple controls make playing easy, intuitive and enjoyable on Android System.






• Plant and harvest crops with a swipe and — It’s always growing season.
• Decorate your farm to make it your own — Invite friends to like your place.
• Clear land without breaking a sweat — The axes swing themselves!
• Combine ingredients into delightful delicacies — Bacon pie anyone?
• Buy and sell at your Roadside Shop — Trade with friends on Google plus and Facebook.
• Fulfill orders by truck, farm stand — You set the pace for your business boom!
• Keep expanding — Get the old mine running, and now BUILD YOUR OWN TOWN!


• Easy, smooth touch gestures — A quick, two-finger swipe, and the whole field is harvested!
• Beautiful animations and sounds — Your farm really feels alive!
• Support newest Android system — Farming never looked so fabulous.


Hope you enjoy the game!
With ❤ | Magnet Game